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Meet Phoebe


Creative, Entrepreneur, Teacher

- founder of Girl Gang Craft -

About me

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Phoebe is the founder of Girl Gang Craft. She’s a feminist and an artist. She integrates her 7 years yoga  teaching experience with her foundation of intersectional feminism and creativity into her work as a business owner. Her mindfulness practice can be experienced in how she manages projects and her team, and is certain to be sensed in how she teaches classes. Phoebe’s mission is helping female-forwards creatives succeed.



These are a few of my favorite things

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  • Girl Gang Craft
    GGC is a female-forward community for creatives established in 2017 by Phoebe. Known for their craft fairs, GGC has expanded to create community and education for small business owners through classes, podcast, membership, events and opportunities for artists.
  • Design
    Phoebe began her design journey young and has always dabbled in feminist art since high school. Her degree is in print making (and feminist studies) but today works mostly in digital and acryllics. She designs the GGC clothing line and most of the brand graphics for the GGC social channels. She enjoys collaborating with subscription boxes to provide exclusive designs.
  • Commissions
    Join the Tittie Committee or get a pet portrait. Phoebe creates authentic portraits for any occasion. The Tittie Committee was started in 2018 and since then she has painted dozens of portraits of womens breasts of those who wish to celebrate and honor their bodies. Pet portraits are done digitally.
  • Partnerships + Collabs
    Establishing collaborations on a personal level or in tandem with Girl Gang Craft is a huge part of Phoebe's work and mission. Uplifting female owned and BIPOC small businesses is why she started GGC in the first place. She loves working to promote small businesses, and also with well established tech that can be utilized by entreprenuers.

Follow along

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